Stein Hoisting Competition: Great Halftime Entertainment

During halftime of the Iowa/Minnesota football game, Barney’s Beanery of Santa Monica was initiated with a stein hoisting competition. Jacob Bottoms of the Los Angeles Iowa Club led the event and provided some new and fun entertainment during halftime.

Jovi Ruiz (second from right) won the stein hoisting competition with a time of 2 min 3 sec.

For those of you unaware of what stein hoisting is here are some rules: Steins are filled with water (not beer) and a group of Hawkeyes see how long they can hold the stein with an outstretched arm. The winner is the person who holds the stein up the longest without spilling or dropping their arm. It is fun competition and this weeks’ winners  were:

Women: Jovi Ruiz at 2min 3sec
Men: Mike Bowman at 5min 8sec

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