Iowa Basketball NCAA Tournament Gamewatch: Iowa vs. Tennessee – Mar. 19, 6:10 PM

Did you see that coming?  Hawk fans can only shake their heads in frustration when thinking about a season that was once so promising. Rated as high as 10th in the nation, Iowa’s recent struggles have landed them into the dreaded “play in game” of the NCAA Tournament.  The Hawks will take on the Tennessee Volunteers tomorrow night on TruTV.

The season has brought many highs and lows, but Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery will face an ever greater challenge as his 13 year old son Patrick will undergo surgery tomorrow morning to remove a thyroid tumor. Coach’s current plans are to fly back to Iowa City for the surgery, and hopefully fly back in time for the game.

With time running out on Iowa’s seniors, it’s time for them to take back this season.  We’ve seen them blow Michigan out of their own gym, and we have also seen them allow the Big 10 bottom feeders to look all conference.  So they are capable, but are they confident?

Iowa can win this game, but the players have to get back to believing they are among the elite.  One glaring difference in this team is they’ve fallen in love with the 3 ball.  The Vols are a physical team and you can bet they plan to out muscle the Hawks,  Woodbury and Olaseni better be ready to go.  Winning or losing will come down to this combo; Marble and White.  If Marble and White are both productive, then Iowa wins; if only one of them can get it going, the Vols momentum will give them the win down the stretch.

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