Iowa Basketball Gamewatch vs. Northwestern – Saturday February 9, 1:30pm

If you missed our first Basketball Gamewatch, we are going to hold our second Basketball Gamewatch Saturday February 9th against Northwestern, 1:30pm at Barney’s Beanery in Santa Monica.

Date and Time: Saturday February 9, 1:30pm

Location: Barney’s Beanery Santa Monica

Deal: There will be no deal for the gamewatch. However, showing up in large numbers in support of the LA Iowa Club, Iowa Basketball, and Barney’s Bearnery will help make future gamewatches a huge success!

Future Events: Please keep an eye out for other LA Iowa Club events including comedy night in March, Blood Drive in April, Beach Party with volleyball in May, and a Dodgers Game in June or July.

Go Hawks!

LA Iowa Club Board

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