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Hawkeyes to Play LSU in Outback Bowl! Gamewatch January 1, 2014 at 10AM Barneys Beanery Santa Monica

The Iowa Football team is going bowling! They were selected by the Outback and will play LSU January 1, 2014 at 10AM PDT. Stay tuned for information about our Gamewatch event to be held at Barneys Beanery Santa Monica. Go Hawks!

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Hawkeye Spotlight with Francis Hamit

Francis Hamit - LA Iowa ClubFor this segment of the Hawkeye Spotlight, Isaiah Scales interviewed Author and Iowa Alumnus, Francis Hamit.  Hamit found writing a way to share his experiences in Industrial Security and his service in the Vietnam War.  Hamit gives an eye-opening and thought provoking look at the difficult challenges the world faces in protecting citizens.

The University of Iowa has one of the most respected writing and journalism programs in the nation, what factored into your decision to attend the U of Iowa?

“Actually, the reputation of the Writer’s Workshop had nothing to do with my original decision to attend Iowa.  I had never heard of it.  I came there in the Drama department in 1965 after two years at a much smaller school with a very small drama department, because of a book written by Iowa professor A.S. Gillette, “Stage Scenery”.  I started in theatre at age 15 at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, California.  I wanted to learn from Dr. Gillette, but he was close to retirement and there was a lot of competition for jobs on productions MFA students.  Mere Juniors were not supposed to get them.  When I did, it created some hard feelings.

Is there any particular subject, class or professor that you feel made a true impact on your career as a writer?

“Aside from Dr. Howard Stein, who really taught me structure and how to think creatively, my most influential professor was Vance Bourjaily.  So much so that I dedicated my second novel to his memory.  Vance was generally considered the best creative writing instructor in the country at the time.  He was a very kind man, but always willing to call you on your B.S. and try to get you on track.  I loved the Workshop experience.  I never wanted to leave.  Once the {Vietnam} war was over and the politics gone, it was a great place to learn your craft.

You spent 21 years in Industrial Security; what kinds of roles did that entail, and what did you find to be the most difficult aspect of the job?

“At first it was a temporary stop-gap.  I was a Captain in charge of about 200 officers at 24 major accounts in the Chicago area for a year.  Then I got hurt on the job and couldn’t do those ninety-hour weeks anymore, so I went into selling the service, eventually ending up at my fourth company as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  I also became a consultant, and wrote a column for a trade magazine, and articles for others.  The year in uniform gave me great grounding in the industry and you see things that other people never see.  Much of my “literary” fiction is about that environment and life, and ties into my writing about the military and being a private detective.  There is a lot of skepticism about the problems you find, and then they don’t want to spend the money it takes to correct the problems.  After a while it wears you down.”

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Congratulations to the Voice of the LA Kings, Bob Miller, for Winning the Stanley Cup!

Bob Miller Hoists the Stanley Cup
Photo Credit: Rich Hammond/LA Kings Insider

The Los Angeles Iowa Club would like to congratulate Hall of Fame hockey announcer and former Iowa Alumnus Bob Miller for his 39 years of service to our local NHL hockey team, the Los Angeles Kings, and finally getting his chance to hoist the Stanley Cup – one of sports most coveted and prestigious awards! Bob started his storied broadcasting career with Iowa Hawkeye football and basketball games. To read more about Bob’s thoughts on this historic run (LA Times article on Bob Miller) or hear his call from the game (Bob Miller’s Stanley Cup Winning Call).

Congratulations Bob! Go Kings Go!

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Distinguished Young Iowa Alumni Award goes to Santa Monica Resident

Credit: The University of Iowa Alumni Association

The Los Angeles Iowa Club would like to recognize Tanna M. Frederick as one of the recipients of the 2012 Distinguished Young Iowa Alumni Award! Details of her accomplishments can be found on the University of Iowa Alumni Page. Congratulations from the Los Angeles Iowa Club!

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