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Football Game Watch: Iowa vs. Wisconsin

Football Game Watch #10
Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Wisconsin Badgers

Saturday, November 11, 2017,12:30 p.m. Pacific time.
Barney’s Beanery (2 locations: Santa Monica and Redondo Beach) 

Half-time raffles at both Santa Monica and Redondo Beach locations this week!

Here’s the game preview by Tanner Lafever.

2017 Football Game Watch: #20 Iowa vs. #8 Wisconsin
I’ll be totally honest with you. I’m still not entirely sure where I am, nor have I regained total feeling in all of my extremities following last weekend’s emotional bonanza at Kinnick Stadium.
Our now 20th ranked (!) Iowa Hawkeyes (6-3, 3-3) pulled off one of the most improbably dominant performances in recent college football memory. I can only hope that every fan out there was able to bask in the moment of glory much like the entire student population in Iowa City did on Saturday night.
It was a monumentally joyous occasion to be sure, but in this sport you’ve only got so much time to celebrate. On the horizon is another showdown with a top 10 opponent, this time on the road against the undefeated #8 Wisconsin Badgers at 12:30PM PST on ABC.
None of us will ever forget the elation brought on by lambasting Ohio State, but this team has a chance to multiply those good feelings tenfold if it can show the football world that last Saturday wasn’t just a one-off for the Black & Gold.
Trips to Madison, Wisconsin are never particularly cheerful. Sure the Hawkeyes have won each of their last two trips to the state capital of our inhospitable northern neighbors, but Camp Randall Stadium is no place for the faint of heart.
In a series that will see the 91st overall meeting between the two schools take place on Saturday, you can be sure that Iowa will need to absorb just as many blows as it dishes out. There’s a reason that the all-time series record splits by the slimmest of margins (Wisconsin leads 45-43-2). To expect this year’s contest to be any different would be a foolish endeavor.
Now being that Badgers are notorious for their inability to fly (I think?), this Wisconsin team is once again predisposed to attack its opponents on the ground when it possesses the football. Freshman phenom Jonathan Taylor leads the way, having already piled up 1368 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns with three games left to play in the regular season.
On defense, an aggressive unit enters this week’s contest allowing barely 13 points/game and fewer than 90 yards rushing each time it takes the field.
The Hawkeyes are sure to be tested in the trenches on both sides of the ball. It’ll be up to Josey Jewell & Co. to put the Badger offense in uncomfortable positions, and Nate Stanley and the improving Iowa receiving corps to extend their aggressive defense much like we saw against the Buckeyes to great effect this past weekend.
Stanley sits just five touchdowns passes away from tying the legendary Chuck Long’s single season school record (27), and based on his performance against Ohio State that might be worth keeping an eye on this week (fingers crossed). But likely more significant is the Wisconsin native’s drive to help the Hawkeyes get a win back in his home state in front of friends and family.
And on a final note I’d be remiss not to mention what truly amounts to the highest stakes for Saturday’s match-up. As Iowa football fans we’ve developed a hankering for trophies of all shapes and sizes. Victory over Wisconsin would mean another notch on 2017’s belt in that regard.
We’ve already paid next year’s rent for the Cy-Hawk trophy. Good ‘ol Floyd is staying in an Iowa pen (and hopefully away from an Iowa frying pan) through 2018. So now it’s time to reclaim from those filthy Badgers the brass bull that is the Heartland Trophy, and bring it back to Hawkeye pastures for the foreseeable future.
Last weekend was just so much fun. And as a decidedly pro-fun Iowa supporter I’d like to cast my vote for having more fun the rest of this season, starting on Saturday in Madison.
Also, just to satisfy my own curiosity I’d love to see if anything but charred remains would exist of downtown Iowa City if this team were to pull off a second consecutive upset of a top eight ranked team.
See you all on Saturday, and let’s give ‘em hell. Because why not? It’ll be fun.
Go Hawks!

Tanner Lafever is a senior at Iowa, majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications and a minor in Sports Studies.  Outside the classroom, Tanner’s always ready for a game of pickup basketball; so, don’t bring that weak stuff down his lane.  A jokester, movie buff and avid sports competitor; Tanner was born a Hawkeye; spending his childhood tailgating and attending Iowa football games his entire life. 
Look for more stories from Tanner in the upcoming weeks, and if you would like to drop Tanner a line or two of support; email us at laiowaclub@gmail.com
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Sat., Oct. 28 – Football Game Watch: Iowa vs. Minnesota

Football Game Watch

Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers

Saturday, October 28, 2017, 3:30 p.m. Pacific time

Barney’s Beanery (2 locations: Santa Monica and Redondo Beach)


University of Iowa student Tanner Lafever is back with a preview of Saturday’s Iowa-Minnesota game. 

 Football Game Watch: Iowa vs. Minnesota 

Help. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.
Who am I? 
No I’m not a spokesperson for those ridiculous Life Alert commercials. At 22 years old I’m decades from the age bracket that would qualify me for my own personal panic button. But I will admit, as I felt the life drain from by body on Saturday after watching a 4th down pass dropped that would have extended overtime against Northwestern, I did, for a second, wonder if I might require some form of emergency assistance.
I toughed it out, though. And perhaps it was only my youthful exuberance that helped me overcome the agony I was sharing in that moment with Hawkeye fans everywhere.
The point is (if I’m even making one at all), age matters sometimes. And Iowa (4-3, 1-3) is presented with just such a challenge this Saturday as it hosts Minnesota (4-3, 1-3) at 3:30 PST on FS1.
That school in the state with all those lakes and stuff is littered with youth. Over 69 percent of the Golden Gopher roster is made up of underclassmen, and those same vermin are led by first year head coach P.J. Fleck. At just 36 years old, Fleck is the youngest coach in the Big Ten and the 4th youngest in all of college football.
But although he undoubtedly outpaces Iowa’s head man in spryness and original hair color, we can take solace in the fact that 62 year-old Kirk Ferentz is a tenured ‘professor’ of the coaching institution who doesn’t have to take any crap from some young whipper-snapper in Minneapolis.
I mean who the Fleck does this guy think he is?
More good news is that Iowa has already made a habit of swatting down the ‘millennials’ of college football head coaches in 2017, sending both 37 year-old Matt Campbell of Iowa State and 38 year-old Seth Littrell of North Texas home with a big fat ‘L’ on their respective records.
But perhaps even more important are the material stakes surrounding this rivalry match-up. Saturday will mark the 83rd meeting between the two schools with Floyd of Rosedale on the line (for those who don’t know, Floyd is a glorious 98 pound trophy of a pig that’s awarded to the Iowa-Minnesota winner each year).
In the spirit of said farm animal, and solely for the sake of this week’s game, I elected to run a scientific study in order to compare the level of affection Iowans and Minnesotans have for bacon. The results of said study (which was totally above board BTW) conclusively showed that us Iowans are far superior lovers of the world’s finest breakfast item.
Such findings could prove crucial to the victorious side in Saturday’s contest.

So let’s just ignore Iowa’s record this one time, as well as any lingering depression we may or may not be feeling in the aftermath of last weekend. Because the honest truth is this:
The outcome of the next game will have nothing to do with statistics or strategy. We’re going to win it because our cantankerous, elderly bunch of Hawkeyes will hit harder, execute better, and coach smarter than any lousy group of juvenile gophers brazen enough to step foot in Kinnick Stadium (named after another old guy as it happens!).
See you all on Saturday, and make sure you leave room for a late breakfast.
Go Hawks!

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2017 Football Game Watch: Iowa vs. Northwestern

Football Game Watch #7
Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Northwestern Wildcats

Saturday, October 21, 2017, 9:00 a.m. Pacific time.
Barney’s Beanery (2 locations: Santa Monica and Redondo Beach) 

Long time no see Hawkeyes! A big thanks to Garrett Darland and the Redondo Beach LA Iowa Club members for hosting such a great venue and awesome time in the South Bay!  If you haven’t visited this location, do yourself a favor and head down the 405 and take in some Hawkeye football right on the ocean!
University of Iowa student Tanner Lafever is back with a look at the first half of action of the 2017 Hawkeye football season.
Go Hawks!
Isaiah Scales
LA IOWA Club President

So it was your first weekend this fall without Iowa football.
But it’s OK. You’re not alone. That empty space inside that you felt on Saturday is just temporary.
At least I think it is.
When is the next game again???
Anyway…our Hawkeyes (4-2) have made it to the halfway point of the 2017 season having run us through the emotional gamut as fans.
Remember when everybody picked Iowa to lose to Wyoming and its future NFL gunslinger in week one? Ah, good times.
And how about the scrap we had with our little sibling out west in Ames? That was pretty fun huh?
Sure we also experienced our share of heartbreak in consecutive one score defeats against Penn State and Michigan State, but it probably wouldn’t be a true Iowa football season without that adversity we’ve grown so accustomed to facing as Black & Gold supporters.
Six games down, six more to go. So why not take stock of where things stand as we cross the halfway mark?
My memory isn’t perfect, but I seem to recall preseason questions as to whether Iowa even had a quarterback capable of taking actual snaps in 2017 (for the record I was never worried about taking snaps, only throwing the football).
Captain Kirk ultimately elected to go with some Stanley kid, and wouldn’t you know it, things haven’t worked out half badly.
He hasn’t been perfect by any means (PLEASE STOP OVERTHROWING OPEN RECEIVERS DOWNFIELD NATHAN), but would you believe me if I told you that entering the bye week he was actually tied for eighth in the entire United States of freaking America in total touchdown passes?
In fact, Stanley’s 15 touchdowns through six games puts him on pace to break the all-time Iowa single season record held by that Chuck Long fella (27 TD’s in 1985).
Defensively, Iowa’s lovable criminal in the middle, Josey Jewell, paces the Big Ten conference in total tackles with 24 more than second place. The Outlaw’s 68 separate assaults on opposing ball carriers ranks third in the nation, and I’ve cherished every one of them.
The Hawkeyes have been led by their veterans, as is most often the case with a Kirk Ferentz team.
We mentioned Jewell above, and everybody knows that Akrum Wadley will be Akrum Wadley with the ball in his hands (tied for 11th nationally in total yards from scrimmage entering the weekend). But beyond the headliners, other upperclassmen have shown their worth both on and off the field as well.
From all-conference guard Sean Welsh opening up about his battle with depression, to safety Brandon Snyder’s miraculous return to a starting role less than six months after tearing his ACL, this team is full of great stories.
And as the older guys have shown them the way, the young pups have given Iowa a spark we rarely see in this renowned ‘developmental’ program.
Defensively, A.J. Epenesa has been everything we could have hoped for, and an opportunity given to sophomore safety Amani Hooker has turned into a breakout start to his young career.
On the other side of the ball, first or second year players have contributed over 700 yards rushing/receiving and nine touchdowns. Not included in those totals is first-year junior college transfer Nick Easley, who leads the team in every major statistical receiving category.
And if teenagers scoring touchdowns in an Iowa uniform wasn’t unusual enough, a peak at the offensive line last weekend revealed TWO freshmen starters at offensive tackle. It’s almost as if we’ve entered an alternative reality of Hawkeye football.
Next thing you know Kirk Ferentz’s squad is will be converting surprise onside kicks, fake punts and fake field goals.
Wait, what? They’ve already done that??
I just can’t make sense of the world anymore…
So there’s a look at the season in the rear-view mirror to this point.
The good has been great (LOL ISU), and the bad has been Trace McSorley on 4th and goal devastating. But we can handle it. As Hawkeye fans we’re built to withstand testing times while looking forward to the promise of the future.
We’ve got plenty of season left to play, so enjoy the week off and get ready to strap back in for a trip to Evanston Saturday.
Go Hawks!


Tanner Lafever is a senior at Iowa, majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications and a minor in Sports Studies.  Outside the classroom, Tanner’s always ready for a game of pickup basketball; so, don’t bring that weak stuff down his lane.  A jokester, movie buff and avid sports competitor; Tanner was born a Hawkeye; spending his childhood tailgating and attending Iowa football games his entire life. 
Look for more stories from Tanner in the upcoming weeks, and if you would like to drop Tanner a line or two of support; email us at laiowaclub@gmail.com


Official 2017 Iowa Football Game Watches will only be in Santa Monica and Redondo Beach this season.  Many of you have enjoyed getting together at our Pasadena game watch location, but only Santa Monica and Redondo Beach will be honoring our 40% off food and drinks specials.  If this changes in the future, we’ll let you know; apologies for any inconveniences this causes. 

Check out the fun and excitement at this year’s game watches. Wear your Hawkeye gear to get 40% off food and drinks during the game.

Santa Monica
1351 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401 310.656.5777

Santa Monica will once again be the featured Iowa Hawkeyes game watch location. We’ll continue with full sound for both top and lower areas, with the majority of TV’s tuned to our game. 

Redondo Beach
100 Fisherman’s Wharf, Suite H, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 424.275.4820

Redondo Beach will build on last season’s great turnout of incredible fans. Bonus: beach and ocean views. Look for Game Watch Coordinator Garrett Darland. 


RSVP on Facebook to let us know you’re coming!

Be sure to support the waitstaff at Barney’s, our terrific sponsor. Please tip on the full bill. We look forward to seeing everyone at the game watch. 

If you’re interested in helping host the game watches (or volunteering with the club in other areas of need), please reply and let us know.


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2017 Football Game Watch: Iowa vs. Michigan State

Football Game Watch #5
Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Michigan State Spartans

Saturday, September 30, 2017, 1:00 p.m. Pacific time.
Barney’s Beanery (2 locations: Santa Monica and Redondo Beach) 

Always innovating, always growing and always helping.  That’s the LA Iowa Club way.  Fresh off a trip to Iowa City, and what a rewarding trip this was.  If you haven’t heard, or wasn’t able to be a part of it; the LA Iowa Club was featured live inside of Kinnick Stadium to a ruckus crowd of 75,000 fans.  I’m sure you have all heard about the best new tradition in all of college football, the Iowa wave.  Fans turn to the Children’s Hospital located right next to the stadium and wave.  Our home for Hawkeye sports Barney’s Beanery, felt LA should be a part of this tradition and suggested fans join in.  Eric “The Mayor” Brune was quick to respond and reached out to get everyone on board.  Without hesitation, this was such a fantastic idea I had to take this to the head of the Iowa Alumni Association; Susan Griffith.  Susan was on board and Associate AD of Marketing for Iowa, Charlie Taylor made it happen!  It took a great deal of coordination, but fans throughout the stadium cheered the children on alongside LA Iowa Club and members of the New York Iowa Club (Shout out to Alvin Chang).  To watch the reaction from inside of Kinnick Stadium, visit our Facebook page Los Angeles Iowa Club or our Twitter page @LAIowaClub.
We’re also very committed not only to our LA Hawkeyes, but the next generation of Hawkeyes as well!  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to students from the University of Iowa’s Journalism and Communications program.  Our new initiative will bring you voices from the students and campus life, and give them an opportunity to hone their writing skills.  The first student we would like to introduce you to is Tanner Lafever and he wrote this week’s Iowa vs Michigan State game preview!
Go Hawks!
Isaiah Scales
LA Iowa Club President


So close. Damnit we were so close. But as is the life of an Iowa Hawkeye football fan sometimes you’ve got to take one on the chin even amidst what could turn out to be a memorable season. Sure, our hearts were all broken on Saturday night, but the dream is still alive if you can bring yourself to see it.
Captain Kirk’s crew stood toe to toe with a playoff contending opponent and its Heisman candidate superstar on the biggest of stages, showing a national audience that these Hawkeyes are a team to be reckoned with. Now the next step is putting their best foot forward and getting back on the winning track.
The opportunity to do so comes this Saturday afternoon in East Lansing, Michigan at 1:00 PM PST on FOX.
Similar to Penn State last week, Iowa has a bone to pick with the Spartans as well (something about a championship game two years ago that I don’t really even want to talk about anymore, so sorry for bringing it up).
Both teams enter this match-up with a single loss on their respective records, though Michigan State (2-1) has one fewer win courtesy of the bye week it took before getting curb stomped by Notre Dame 38-18 at home this past Saturday.
Your typical rules for a Mark Dantonio coached team apply. The Spartans will play a physical, fight-for-every-inch style of defense, allowing just over 250 yards/game through the first month of the season. On offense, they want to pound the football with a group of backs led by junior LJ Scott, but in a new wrinkle the ground attack is buoyed by a signal caller with some wheels of his own.
Sophomore quarterback Brian Lewerke has thrown for over 700 yards through three games while picking up an additional 206 on the ground thanks to his considerable athleticism. It would behoove the Hawkeye defense to treat Lewerke with similar disdain to what the likes of Josey Jewell, Anthony Nelson, and A.J. Epenesa showcased this past weekend in their assault on an opposing quarterback.
When Iowa has the ball you can expect a similar strategy of resistance as to what it faced against the Nittany Lions. The Hawkeyes certainly had their struggles against aggressive looks last weekend, but the second half performance by the offense indicated that it certainly has the capability to exploit such tactics. Finding a few more ways to get Akrum Wadley (HOW ABOUT THAT GUY) in space is never a bad thing, and Nate Stanley continues to show that he’s able to make big throws when called upon. I’d imagine we’ll see a little bit of both on Saturday.
Michigan State is typically a tough out at Spartan Stadium, so victory is no easy guarantee for these Hawks. But a well-earned win would be huge to help the team regain some momentum heading into two consecutive bye weeks in early October (OK one of them is a home game against Illinois, but you get the point).
So wash off your tear soaked dirty Black & Gold gear from last weekend, fix that hole you may or may not have punched in your wall, and settle in for a Saturday of Hawkeye football. It’ll be another great day to be an Iowa fan and a season that still has the makings of something special. GO HAWKS!

Tanner Lafever is a senior at Iowa, majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications and a minor in Sports Studies.  Outside the classroom, Tanner’s always ready for a game of pickup basketball; so, don’t bring that weak stuff down his lane.  A jokester, movie buff and avid sports competitor; Tanner was born a Hawkeye; spending his childhood tailgating and attending Iowa football games his entire life. 
Look for more stories from Tanner in the upcoming weeks, and if you would like to drop Tanner a line or two of support; email us at laiowaclub@gmail.com
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