2012 Gamewatch #3: Iowa vs. Northern Iowa

Recap of Last Week No comment (if you really don’t know we are now .500 on the season). Now some good news…

Now to this week… First, this season is far  from over!!  Although the loss to ISU will sting until next year, the good news is that the rest of the Big 10 really laid an egg last week.  We didn’t lose much ground among our Big Ten opponents, most notably, Nebraska who fell to the hands of UCLA.

Once again we find ourselves facing an in-state rival, this time from Cedar Falls.  UNI would like nothing better than to come out on top after our Hawkeyes narrowly escaped defeat in 2009 by blocking not one, but two, field goals with just seconds to go.  The Hawkeyes’ locker room should have the Beatles’ “Come Together” on repeat this week because that’s what it will take to win this week and the rest of the season.  If all three phases – offense, defense and special teams – can simply come together and play as a team we can turn it around.  As fans let’s band together and get out and support our team.  Hope to see everyone at your favorite Barney’s location this Saturday.  GO HAWKS!!!

Raffle Location: No Raffle this week.

The Deal: Enjoy 35% off food and 50% off beverages for all who wear Iowa Gear (offer valid during the game only).  Please be courteous and gratuitous to Barney’s Staff – they will be very busy this week.

-LA Iowa Board of Directors

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